Thursday, October 14, 2010

I am LOVING my new....

 SUUNTO M4 Heart Rate Monitor/Watch! 

I have been really wanting a Heart Rate Monitor/Watch (pictured at right) with a Chest Strap to monitor my Heart Rate and how many Calories I burn in my workouts because I have been guessing from "averages" I was reading online. So NOW that I have my new SUUNTO M4 I am all set! It also is a pretty nice looking sporty watch and adds to my cool factor at the gym LOL...JK!  :) I bought it for around $169.99 so about $190.00 with tax.

Yesterday hubby and I went to Coast Mountain Sports now called Atmosphere and I chose the beautiful black one with fushia around the inside :) I love it because I love pink and my new-ish Adidas Climacool Sneakers are Fushia as well! I almost ALWAYS wear total black at the gym hheheheSLIMMING! because it is So anyways...I am just in love with it and I am so excited to see how many calories I burn in my beloved LesMills Classes. I do have to update my workouts I know.

Well I am off to get Khaled at school...a little walk to add to my workout off I go :)

Love UmmKhaled

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