Monday, October 11, 2010

Feeling so much my old self again.

I am down ANOTHER pound today...MashaAllah! I am feeling really happy with myself :) I feel like a woman again and not a frumpy mommy :) I notice when I am happy with myself...everyone in my life is happier. I am not crabby, I have lots of energy, a better relationship with my husband and my kids. So this is great. I am focusing on eating healthier and working out and an overall balance of both. I can't LIVE in the gym which is what I was now with this balance I am actually succeeding more.

So I decided to go shopping :) because I had a dinner to go to, and I was feeling and looking much better and not so flabby :P

I bought two pairs of dressy pants, one black with faint stripes and one very dark gray. I bought this really pretty maroon/deep gem purple silk top with a silk flower the same color. I bought a black tank top which was a little dressy, a plain black t-shirt to go under stuff, hmmmm what else? I bought a black long casual cardigan, along with another dressier, more feminine black cardigan. I also bought a few other shirts as well. I forget hehehehhee...

I spent Thanksgiving dinner with my family and only had a sliver of Pumpkin Pie and a sliver of Apple Pie which was amazing and I didn't even over-do it...

Well I am off to clean the house a little before my Hubby and my Dad come home from their fishing trip. The baby is napping so it is the perfect time. OoooOooPs the baby woke!


  1. Congratulation on feeling good!

    pumpkin pie and apple pie- sounds good!

  2. Shopping's fun. I did a lot more of it in the UAE than I do these days.

    Congrats on the weight loss. I'm down 6lbs since my last entry, and still on it!


    Just a quick note to let you know I saw your note and I was here. I'm sure we'll be in touch oh Mother of Khaled.

  3. Congrats.. I am soo happy you have found your balance! Keep it up... and you are soo right when you're happy... those around us also seem happier <3

  4. Hey, hope everything's going well on the diet! I'll discovered an amazing snack called Bounce- Natural Energy Ball. I think they stock it in Canada. Check out the website:

    =) hope it helps!

  5. Ohh thanks for all your support...congrats on the weight loss tainted and I will check that our Mrs handbag...wonder if I know saving :)I am gonna make a new post now about my NEW purchase :)