Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Results of my 3rd Body Composition...

Today I did my 3rd Body Composition at the gym! I am pretty happy with myself MashaAllah and I feel really great! To do my REAL comparison, I will get "Body Composition #1" (Dated: Sept 28) results from the gym, which I will try to do tomorrow :) I will also do a weight and measurement update as soon as I can. 

For today's comparison of almost 2 months of "My New Healthy Lifestyle", I have:
"Body Composition #2" (Dated: Oct 8) and "Body Composition #3" (Dated: Dec 6)

The only thing I know from BC1 is the weight so that one will be BC1-BC3 but the rest are just BC2-BC3) Here we go...

Weight Loss
(BC1-BC2 = LOSS of 22 Pounds!)

FAT %: 
(BC2-BC3 = LOSS of 10.9% of Body Fat!)

FAT Mass: 
(BC2-BC3 = LOSS of 21.79 Pounds of Fat Mass!)

FFM/Fat Free Mass: 
(BC3-BC2 =  GAIN of 5.4 Pounds of FFM!)

NOTE: Gain here in FFM is a good thing because "Fat Free Mass" is everything in the body that is NOT FAT (which consists of muscle, water, bone, connective tissue, etc.) Muscle acts as the body's natural "fat-burning engine", there fore it is important to maintain or even gain healthy muscle mass when exercising or dieting. So this # went up but that is a good thing :) More muscle = Less Fat!

TBW/Total Body Water: 
(BC3-BC2 = GAIN 4 Pounds of Water Weight)

NOTE: I think Gain here is alright, not accurate way of weight measuring because depends on time of day, time on month, how much water you recently drank, when you exercised last and stuff like that, so not that a hugely important # but someone correct me if I am wrong :)
Total Body Water is important to ensure your body is not dehydrated, especially when exercising or dieting.

To check your Body's "Estimated Hydration %" there is a little calculation:
TBW/Weight x 100 = Estimated Hydration Level

Women should be: 50-60% Hydration and Men should be: 60-70% Hydration

MY BC2 HYDRATION CALCULATION WAS: 47.6% Hydration (Not Good)

MY NEW HYDRATION CALCULATION:  55.6% Hydration (Sounds good to me!)

SO that is my little update so far! I CAN'T WAIT to see BC#1 because I can't wait to compare, I hope I can run into her at the gym tomorrow!!


GOAL #1: Was to lose the 23 pounds I gained in UAE
UPDATE: 23 Pounds GONEEEEEEEEE MashaAllah woohoo!

GOAL#2: Was to lose 10 pounds Extra
UPDATE: 5 Pounds DOWN and 5 to go!

GOAL#1 and 1/2 Way through GOAL#2 TOTAL = 28 Pounds!!

GOAL#3: Will be to lose 10 more and then I will be all set InshaAllah! :)

And on a pretty cool note (not to forget all my prior weight-loss successes)...I am DOWN 44 POUNDS since I gave birth to Baby#3 Mohammed!

Loooove Kasey UmmKhaled


  1. WOOOOWWWW congrats hun! That's a major makeover! you worked hard but got it at the end so you should be proud! =)

  2. Ohh thanks...I corrected the weight loss and made it 22 I had written 28...it has been 28 lost since I came back but not from my Body Comp...still didn't see the trainer to get my BC#1 :)

  3. Mashallahgreat going..that is an achievement..u should be proud..