Friday, December 3, 2010

PLEASE HELP: Just 10 little Votes!! :)

Since you guys are all soooo supportive and amazing :) I was wondering:

My son's school is brand new with NO PLAYGROUND :( ....that has to be fund-raised but we have this amazing opportunity to win one! So can u guys go everyday for the next 10 days (10 of them because we only get each 10 votes) All you have to do is log in 1x/day...go to the "cause" and VOTE for it...1x/DAY! The only thing is you have to register with an email and a password but that only takes 2secs and it is so worthit if they get this could take YEARS to get one if they have to raise the money...but this is such an opportunity...let me know if you vote :)

Please, please, please, please...and come on and post everytime you vote...I want to see how many do it hehehehehe...please....please...

Here is the link:

It is idea: #5998

Thank you soooo much...all your votes are appreciated :) 11 days left to vote and 10 votes each...that could be a lot!! For our little kids :)

Spread the news!!

Looove Kasey


  1. salaam aleikum,
    registered and voted!! :D

  2. Woohooo thanks Twizzle! Just remember to get all your 10 votes in :) So 10 more days...just a quick second everyday for 10 days and it makes an GREAT BIG difference! Thanks again buddy!!

  3. Oh thanks alot....I am voted today as 3 for me....any emails you have or all helps...this is the 2nd round it has made it too so that is encouraging :)

  4. Done, Inshallah the kids get it.

  5. Thanks so much guys...I am all voted up today with my 3emails...1/email...1/day! 9 days left

  6. UPDATE: They did not make it through to the finals due to not enough votes...but other things will come.