Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Trecking through GOAL #2

My Goal #2 is to lose 10 more pounds :)

So I have made a dent into.......
Goal #2 with 2 Pounds lost! 

I have 8 more pounds to go until I reached the weight I was when I got pregnant with Baby #3 (Mohammed), but my inches are better I think because I can fit into the same clothes as that time, could be all my working out! But I am happy!

Then I have a Goal #3 after that but I want to make it feel easier for myself with smaller goals. I have lost a lot since I gave birth to Mohammed. I had him May 30 of 2009. Since then I have lost 41 pounds and I am happy MashaAllah. But then I gained a bit and now I am down THAT 23 pounds and I am down an extra 2 pounds into Goal #2!


Looove Kasey


  1. hii have lost one kg in 3 days of training alhamdulilah...hope tp lose 2 more beofre i leave back for saudi...i have a week and half...let see..i dont kinow if i lost inches coz i did not take my measurements before..hope u keeping well

  2. Oh wow you are doing great :) MashaAllah!

  3. as-salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah,

    wow UmmK Mashallah Mabrook girrrl!! Since I have been on an extended vacation to the US and Turkey I haven't worked out but a teeny weeny bit and gained a bit of weight too LOL --but I'm not sweatin it much as I know I should be able to lose what I gained pretty easily inshallah!

    but come Saturday I am doing round 2 of P90X!! yes, I am going to do the crazy P90X workout again inshallah!

    anyhooo, I will try to call you a bit later inshallah.. just tried to call but I am guessing you might still be sleeping or at the gym working out???? inshallah lets chit chat a bunch sooon!!!


  4. woohoo happy to have ya back...happy we had our catch up 3 hour phone convo hehehehe...and now I am down 3 pounds into Goal slowed as I am sick and am not getting to the gym as much...but I feel it getting hope it is back on track :)

  5. hiiii im down now almost 2 kg...1.6 to be exact...have 1 week to go before i go back to saudi so hoping for 3 kg but not sure