Wednesday, November 10, 2010

They are at the Front because they are "Comfortable Enough to Be There"...

Little things can make your day...and little things people say can mean so much...and make you realize how far you have come...

I was at RPM Class today (which is the same as Spinning) pretty much! It is one of my favorite classes and I try to do a class everyday! I love the instructors I Spin with, each and every one of them are motivating and have their own way of teaching and it mixes it up for me and I never get bored. (I have to mention, we have THE most beautiful RPM room...I will talk about that in another blog post.)

I was in a rush, sadly forgot my heart rate monitor, but got past that...then I dropped the kids at the Gym Daycare and ran off to RPM Class with my Cycling Shoes already on. I got there and it was pretty full..and I always sit in the front, so I booted myself up there...I love it in the front.

So Romain (who is one of my favorite instructors) is on his bike at the front on his little stage, and the class is starting...I set up my bike quick as they are already peddling, then I realize I forgot my water...ohhh no! Try THAT class without water...but I managed, I just pretended I didn't NEED!

So there are some newbies in the class and it was quite full, so as we were warming up, Romain says...

"If you don't know what to do...just follow my speed, watch my legs and go with the same beat" and then he says...


I was thinking... I am one of the people in the front...and then, I was thinking to myself...and I AM comfortable enough to be here! Hearing THAT made me feel good because when I started...I was NOT one of the people at the front...I was at the VERYYY back! Hiding...just in case I wanted to ESCAPE! It was just something small...but when Romain said that, it made me feel like I accomplished a lot to be in that spot...realize how far i have come from the beginning. And it became one of my favorite classes from the first class I completed back in January!

He was actually my first RPM instructor too, followed by Duff as my second. They made me love RPM. Thanks to them :) Also Mariette who is a newer instructor I love to have on Thursdays...she told us at her first RPM class she walked out 15 minutes in...and now look she is teaching! My first class back in January...I had no idea what to expect, it took EVERYTHING in my mind AND body to keep myself on that bike...but afterwards I felt sooooo amazing and was surprised I could accomplish THAT, I went on to do 32 RPM classes in the first 30 days the gym was open! Such motivating people! I could write forever...but my time is limited this evening.

PLEASE if you want to open more doors for yourself and feel out Les Mills RPM classes...or ANY other Les Mills Classes...or if there are no Les Mills where you live...then try a  Spinning Class near you. You will open your mind and push your body in ways you never imagined you would! Let me know when you do and what you thought!

Find a Class near you: 

I am mad at myself for not blogging so often. I am going to. As of today I am now...

Down 22 pounds! 

I am ONE pound away from my Goal #1 of losing the weight I gained in UAE. I did my measurements today, and I will post those. I am pretty happy with them. I am just so happy with what I have been accomplishing, I have to write more about that later.

Love Kasey UmmKhaled

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