Saturday, April 10, 2010

I couldn't resist...another Abayya...

Salam Aleikum and a friendly Hello...

I have lots to blog about but I still do not have internet in my house. I am picking it up from my Brother-In-Law's house and it cuts out a lot because it is like to houses away and I can only pick it up in certain areas of the house! Even I have to sit in different directions! So BoKhaled said he will get us our own internet...he has just been sooooo busy!

For those who do not know (Terminology for this post):

ABAYYA: Is the long flowing mainly black robe that Muslim women here wear over their clothing as a form of modesty. They are veryyyy beautiful! Come in many designs and fabrics, and can be custom made to your taste.

SHAYLA: Is the head covering that Muslim women wear over their hair as a form of modesty. You can wear many colors, fabrics and designs. The ones in the UAE are usually black and chiffon-like material with many designs and usually match the Abayya.

So back to the topic. I already ordered those three new Abayyas and Abaylas in Sharjah...but I was shopping at the Bawadi Mall here in Al Ain with my Sister-In-Law and we came across the Abayya and Shayla section. She was looking for Shaylas to go with her all black plain Abyaas, and I thought I was just browsing. I do not have a plain one that doesn't have a Shayla to match so I didn't need extra Shaylas. So we were in this store called "Geelato" and I saw a really beautiful shayla that caught my was all black with gathered flowers in the material with a small black crystal in the middle of each flower. It is totally covered in these flowers made by gathering the material. Welllll I wanted it cause it is sooo beautiful and elegant that I decided to get the matching Abayya to go with it. The Abayya is all black and the sleeves are the same as the Shayla in nice light flowey material...and the wrist is stretch material but black. (The arms WERE the huge new style...but I made one like this and I prefer the more fitted sleeve, so I changed it) I know it is probably hard to picture but it will be finished in 6 days so I will be able to post a picture. Ten more days until the other 3 Abayyas are done :)

I cooked up a storm today...I made Lamb Saloona (boneless lamb chunks with Okra/Bamia/Lady Fingers, potatoes, onions, garlic, carrots, spices, in a stew-y tomatoe-y gravy) over Basmati Rice. I made OmAbdullah's (From Purple Paisley Ponderings) Creamy Nutella Cake Dessert and I made some Creme Caramel. I will post pictures after as well.

Well off to post the Abayya Pic in my previous post I have been meaning to do.

Loooove Kasey UmmKhaled


  1. wooO! mashaALlah you've been shopping up a storm chicky! I can't wait to see all your abayat! I bet their beautiful

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