Saturday, April 3, 2010

New abayaaas!

Since I am now in UAE for some time, I needed to get some new abayyas and shaylas...I loooooove abayyas. I went to one of my favorite places Bludan and I got one made and it was ready in 6 days. I love it a lot. Pictures to follow...

Bag from of my favorite places to get Abayyas and Shaylas in Al Ain.

This is the Abayya with the sleeves: (sorry it is rotated)

Closeup of the neckline: (Pinky-Mauve Chiffon with Black Chiffon over it, same as the arms)

And a few views of the sleeves and wrist. It is slightly puffy at the wrist with beading and crystals.

You can see a line of pinkish stitching...that is all down the underarm and sides of the Abayya as well and it looks really pretty with the stitching. I did not take a picture of the Shayla but it is the same as the wrists on the end of a black Shayla.

Then my Brother-in-Law's wife who is from Sharjah said there is this great place to get a mini-mall with alllll abayya stores on two floors. So I went a little crazy and got three made...but they will only be ready on the 20th of this 19 more days. This is because they are really busy in Sharjah and have a lot of orders.

I chose a pretty plain tailored one...kind of flowy from the waist down and it is a light material with satin around the neck and the wrists...I think it is really pretty and the shayla has satin in the middle of the shayla lenghthwise.

Then we went off to another store and I chose two more:

One is the new design with the stretch fitted wrists in blackish-silver stretchy material and then flowey arms (which I NEVER thought I would choose because I really love a more tailored arm, but after trying it on I liked it and it is good for more fancy occasions so I went for it). It has gathered same stretch material from the shoulders to just under the bust then a belt underneath to tie and make that part fitted. Then some fasoos (sparkley crystals) in a cute pattern. The material is different I do not know how to explain it. The shayla has the band of material on one end.

The second one is in a light material...then it has a high neck with a square panel on the chest and back at the top in the goldish-black material and some fasoos (crystals) in a nice pattern on the chest part and back part and sleeves. Originally it has those huge flowy arms but I made them smaller, like in between. Hope it looks alright! InshaAllah! The shayla has the band in the middle like the first one I made.

I wanted one more and I may go back to the store and order it when I pick them up on the 20th. It is has black satin ribbons going lengthwise from neck to floor. it is really pretty and I think I will get it. InshaAllah.

There is one more plain-ish one with flowey chiffon I want to show them a picture and get made, I will do that today when I bring my new one to get an adjustment from Bludan :)

Well hubby just called and is on his way home for lunch...which is pretty much the big part of the daily life here... "Better have a big lunch cooking all morning LOOOOOOL" or you look really bad to the In-Laws...hehehehe! He will be here in 5 minutes so I have to get in the kitchen and look BUSY!

Loooove Kasey UmmKhaled


  1. Can't wait to see it! I need to remember where I got my shayla ( you loved ) at. I can't remember. I have tooo many. I need more. ((hugs))) I am so happy your back to blogging. Missed you.

  2. Yesss I want that shayla you have kind of like seersucker it was really CUTE! I love itttt! Would look nice with some of that on an abayya tooo!

  3. Hey I replied to reliy thing is all messed up for soem reason!
    I want to get one like that the seersucker type look soo cute!

  4. awwww mashaAllah they all sound gorgeous!! makes me want to go there just to get abayas teehee. inshaAllah you will loooove them and they will get done fast! =D

  5. You know I loooooove this mashaAllah! Its beautiful! I would love to make some like this for canada ... :D

  6. Sooooo, your coming back to Sharjah in a few more days?!?!?! We definitely need to meet each other! I pm'd you my # over at msu. I know the place you went to to get your abayas made. It really isn't far from my house! (wink!) I can't wait to see pictures of what you got made, LOL.

  7. Assalam alaikum

    Congratulations on your new abayas! Extremely pretty! Can't wait to see other pics :D