Saturday, April 10, 2010

My New Treadmill...

Well...finally I got my new Treadmill. So now I have no excuses. I must take my weight tomorrow and my measurements and continue on where I left off in Canada! I hope it is not up tooooo much, but I can't kid myself...I know it IS! Good-Bye yummy goodies and treats and Arabian food! I shall only taste it from now on because I have no excuses now.

Starting tomorrow I will do my logs again. Every week I will do the "Weekly Weight & Measurement Check" and I will log my exercise for the day. Now all I need is a Stepper and some Step Class DVD's and I am all set. I will do them in front of the big screen TV hehehehehe! I HOPE I can get Les Mills DVD's of the classes because they are AWESOME and I have lots of room to do them in. I would sooo love that. Oh and also I need to sometime soon get a Spinning Bike and DVD's so I can do some Spinning because that was my favorite and I brought my shoes. Once I am more settled into a routine I hope to find a gym with some classes but for now I have only found Les Mills classes in Abu Dhabi and those are 1.5 hours away!

Soooooo wish me luck and InshaAllah (God Willing) I will be as successful as I was just before I left! I just want to feel great again and this gives me something for myself to focus on :)

Loooove Kasey UmmKhaled

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  1. Good luck! I started getting back into working out again. The hard work totally pays off.