Monday, August 30, 2010

DAY 30 of ROUND 2: I am calling it DAY 30!

So I am going to start TODAY as DAY 30. I didn't work out a lot so I can't count all those days off because I did nothing so I counted 2 days off and now for this morning I went to the gym and completed 1Hour BodyStep and then started the 45min NewBody Class but then the Bee, the daycare teacher came over and we had a poopy emergency with Hamoodie...sooo I went to change his bum and then I took the rest off. So I completed only 10minutes of that class. Back tonight for BodyPump and RPM.

I WILL do my measures again...see where I am at and then hopefully measuere it every week like I was.

Day 30 - August 30:

1Hour BodyStep
10min. NewBody
55min. BodyPump
65min. RPM Extreme

Plan for Tomorrow:

55min. RPM
1Hour BodyPump
1Hour BodyStep
1Hour BodyCombat
1Hour Hot Yoga

(This is a big day...don't know if I will complete it...BUT I have to take break#2 because there is a BodyPump class after the BodyStep class, but I can't do Pump twice in a day. I WOULD do that class if there was no Hot Yoga but I am going to go for the Hot Yoga because it is relaxing at the end of the night.)

Love Kasey UmmKhaled

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