Friday, July 9, 2010

Day 3 of Round 2 Complete!

Well today I had planned for more working out but hubby was tired and since I don't have my own car anymore (I hope to soon), I decided to be nice and let him sleep in but it KILLED me inside. I could have had two good workouts this morning and missed out. I felt so tired today and lazy because I missed my workouts :( Ohhh well I hope to change that tomorrow!

On a happier note...I took that time in the morning and hubby and I took the kiddies to Rocky Point Park...sooo beautiful and soo fun. We brought a picnic and the kids played in the sprinkle park and then we took them to the pool and did they ever have fun especially Khaled!! Can't do those fun things in the UAE it is soooo nice to have my real husband back...the way I know him! Wow I love him! I missed those family things in UAE. More on that stuff later on...I am tired an have to sleep. I wanted to get to RPM class at 6am and I doubt that will happen lol!

Day 3 Round 2:

55min RPM

Plan for Tomorrow:

6am: 55min RPM (but prob wont happen lol)
1Hour BodyAttack
1Hour BodyFlow
30min BodyPump Express
1Hour BodyCombat

Thats a lot, yes, but probably won't get in the 6am RPM just a wish...and there is no child minding in the evening tomorrow so if hubby's back is bad I will have to maybe only do the BodyCombat Class :)

Nighty Night,
Kasey UmmKhaled


  1. awwww mashaAllah that sounds so much fun =D

  2. mashaAllah you're working out really hard kasey! and you sound so happy mashaAllah!