Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Day 14 & 15 of Round 2

I have ben sooo busy these days and a lot of family things going on...but here is my Day 14 & 15.
Day 14 I missed the morning because Fahed wanted to sleep in, so I just went in the evening. I find if I miss days I have a hard time getting back into it...so I was a little sluggish but now I am back. If I go 2x/day I have lots more energy and feel much better. Day 15, today, I was planning on RPM right before the morning BodyPump but I was late so I went to Tim Hortons with Fahed and the kids to have breakfast before. That was really nice. Then I went in the evening for the NEW RELEASE of BodyStep and it was AWESOME....I was dripping sweat...then after BodyPump was over, Fahed, the kids and I went to Blue Mountain Park and had a nice time together :)

Day 14:

55min. BodyPump
65min. Extreme RPM

Day 15:

1Hour BodyPump
1Hour BodyStep
1Hour BodyPump

I should start writing more :) I could write a book really there is sooo much going on in my life! Wow I would not know where to start!

Love Kasey UmmKhaled


  1. as-salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah

    Kasey, good job girly! hey, you NEVER answer your phone when I call!!! What times are good times to call you at home? PM me on mMSU! inshallah!

  2. Salam... Great job with the work out! I need to really get into my workouts.. I currently only do a 3 mile walk-aerobics daily.. but I find I need to do much more!

    Ahhhh.. Tim Hortons :)

  3. Ohhh 3 mile walk is great! You could add some resistance training and you will feel great! :) Where do you walk? In the neighbourhood? In that heat? Wow..I remember trying to walk in UAE but it was HOT in these last few months!