Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Awww thank-you stranger...and people around me...

Yesterday, while I was out on my run in the light snowfall mixed with light drizzle of rain, a lady walking by just said to me:

 "You look like a perfect advertisement for Winter Health"

 I was like "Ohhh Thank you" and continued on my way with a little smile. Awww that was really nice of her to say. Sometimes people can really make your whole day just by saying a nice comment or compliment...Thank you to that stranger. I get many comments on my weight-loss from friends, and people at the gym all the time and I want to Thank all those people. Those are the type of comments that can keep people going towards their goals...who knows what that person is going through and feeling? Maybe they were feeling like giving up (been there) and that one little comment...kept them going...

I think we should all just embrace and love each other, because positivity and caring for each other is really what makes a difference in people's lives...I love my gym buddies and all the encouragement they give me...watching them achieve their goals and seeing them happy, makes me feel happy too, and I honestly can't think of ONE day at the gym...when I met up with gym buddies, that I feel down...they are SO positive and so FUN, and it just radiates to all the people around them. Thank you to all my friends at the gym! You really changed my life in so many ways...and add sunshine to my life everyday!

Love UmmKhaled

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