Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday to Monday (My Week)

I decided to roll this past week into one post. My other computer is broken because the baby decided to spill some juice on it and just not so easy to type things. So this is my weekly recap all rolled into one post. I have a few milestones reached this week! TUESDAY I ran 11.75 Km! And it felt amazing! Then later that evening I did 2 RPM Classes in a row! Thanks to my friend Joanne for getting me to do it! She does 3 on Tuesday for "Tri-Cycle Tuesday" the crazy gal! Felt great too! I also moved up another level in the Sun-Run Training Clinic! So I am in the "Run Faster" Group now! That was really challenging but felt great! Had a really great week!

MONDAY (Lazy Day):

45min. Free-Weights
45min. Relaxing in the Sauna!


90min. 11.75 Km Run (872 Calories) Awesome!! Felt so great!

106min. DOUBLE RPM Class (2 Classes in a Row!) (800 Calories)


90min. 5.58 Km Run/Walk (428 Calories)

50min. BodyAttack (350 Calories)

65min. Hot Yoga (307 Calories)

1Hour BodyPump (209 Calories)
1Hour BodyJam (422 Calories)

1Hour BodyCombat (424 Calories)

Day Off


26min. Walk & Bus to Run-Clinic (127 Calories)

67min. 10Km Run (WarmUp/Sprint 5min/Run 3min/Sprint 3min Run 2min X 10/Cool Down)
            (717 Calories)

1Hour BodyCombat (538 Calories)

33min. Fit-Fix Resistance Training (179 Calories)

65min. Hot Yoga (310 Calories)

So that was my little awesome week...another week passed on my little journey of life...

Love UmmKhaled

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