Thursday, March 3, 2011


8.24 Km Run? I did it this morning!

I am chasing a dream...or two...or three...

This morning my husband had a day off of work, *aka Yay! I can go for a ruuun day*! I woke up and got Khaled ready for school and dressed myself for the plan! I was going to walk him to school, and then start my run from there while hubby and the kids slept. But, that little plan was interrupted by Mohammed's "waaaaaah" and then, while I was trying to get him back to sleep, my husband drove Khaled to school, and then, I hear raining and hail outside...awww, I was disappointed...I didn't really want to get my sneakers all wet, and it is chilly out too. So, I decided to make some French Toast for breakfast and brewed a nice fresh pot of coffee and sat down with my little family to enjoy....

Then, what do I see through the windowwww? 
The beautiful sun shining in, and inviting me out for a run. 

So I got my on my gear and off I went! I started off with an IDEA of where I wanted to run, I had a general direction, but I just follow how I feel as I go along...I decided about 2 Km in that I would ATTEMPT to do, or get pretty close to a 10 Km....having a little route in my mind...knowing what 6.45 Km felt like, and how far that took me...I drew a little imaginary map in my mind and I went for it....

This run felt great! Lots of hills...some pretty steep ones too....I ran pretty much the WHOLE time (64mins) with about a 3 minute warm-up walk, and then I stopped to get a rock out of my shoe...then the other shoe had a rock lol...and then I finished with 4 minutes of stretching. So pretty much ran the whole time...different paces...there were some pretty steep elevations, so sometimes I really had to slow/shorten my pace because my heart rate was sky rocketing lol...BUT still felt great! I didn't feel a pain...or an urge to stop. I was loving it so much! I could keep going and going...just an awesome feeling of freedom...

Always set the trail, never follow the path

I was excited to come home to "map my route" on SparkPeople. I go on a little map, trace my route exactly, and it tells me the distance that I ran! I always come home and that is the first thing I do! I was soooo excited to see that I reached 8.24Km on this morning's run! Plus I burned 606 Calories!! So NOW I know what 8.24 Km feels like and looks that sets me up to challenge myself the next time....hopefully tomorrow, but most likely Saturday!

Then, I went and did a little shopping for kid's clothes...and headed to the gym. There was a mix-up in times as the schedule was different just for today due to staff I missed my planned RPM & Hot Yoga...but I had a nice time doing Free-Weights & Abs with Lydia & Barbora! We did 1Hour of Triceps, Biceps, Chest Presses, Abs, Dead-Lifts, Dead Rows, and Shoulders and I burned another 242 Calories!

Well I am tired and have to get to bed...Alhamdullilah/Thanks to God for this Wonderful Life MashaAllah! A little weekly re-cap to follow.

64min. Morning Run 8.24 Km (606 Calories)
58min. Free Weights & Abs (242 Calories)

1Hour ZUMBA!
1Hour BodyPump

1Hour RPM
1Hour BodyCombat

1Hour BodyPump
1Hour BodyAttack


Looove UmmKhaled


  1. Mashallah you seem so dedicated to keeping in shape! I wish I was like that haha... I'm just too lazy :p

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  3. awww I tried to write a comment, tried to copy and past and it ended up copying my post! ahhahah sorry hun

  4. Your blog inspires me to keep my it :)

  5. Aw you girls are so sweet! I hope it inspires other people to keep fit. Once you get a routine and feel the can't eer turn back...give it a chance and feel the difference in your mind, body and inner self :)

  6. LoOoOoOoL remember today u kept getting rocks in your shoes awwww X-D