Friday, February 5, 2010

Day 31 Complete?

I am putting a question mark there because I am contemplating going back tonight since I just did one class this morning which was 1Hour BodyStep with an awesome new instructor from Ontario! I was going to go to BodyCombat tonight, but BoKhaled is still not home and that started 39minutes ago so it is not gonna happen!

I have really been slacking off this week and I have to smarten up! So I may go back for some weights and cardio stuff...and then the Sauna to relax once I get Hessah in bed. Hubby is on his way home from work with Chinese food and I wanted Indian or Persian or Greek :( But anyways he is also getting Khaled at his friends house!

Day 31:
1Hour BodyStep

Well off to clean the house while the baby is napping :)
P.S. Anyone up for coffee at a coffee shop? I want some nice adult company and a warm cup of something yummy!

Love Kasey UmmKhaled


  1. Aww I would LOVE to get with u! And have a nice warm drink :D inshaAllah when you come here we can whip to marina mall, have some lunch in hatam and sit for some coffee somewhere :D

  2. oops i meant GO with you, not get hahah

  3. hehehehe I got what you meant...aww and me tooo I can't wait. It may even be sooner than later!!