Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Day 41.5

I am trying to make my last week at the gym a good one. I am gong to United Arab Emirates in 4 days kind of unexpectedly earlier than we were originally planning but Allahu Alim. So today I went in the morning for 55min. RPM and then 1HourBody Pump and the last classes with one of my favorite instructors Sylva. Made me sad. I learned that Mohammed's "Gym Mommy Ashley" is expecting a baby and I am so happy for her, but sad I will miss them all so much!

Day 42:
55min. RPM
1Hour BodyPump

I am hoping to get there tonight for my second RPM Class and a little Sauna. I really miss it! So now I am caught up. I noticed this morning the scale is down a tad...I HOPE it sticks and tomorrow is my weigh-in and measurement day but I have been sick and also taking it easy so I am not expecting a lot of change...

Love Kasey UmmKhaled

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  1. awww, hugs! inshaAllah everything will turn out well. =)