Saturday, February 6, 2010

Day 32 Complete!

Well I didn't get back to the gym last night. My ankle is really bothering left is fine...and now it is my right. But insted of just annoying me like the left is pinchy at times.

So this morning I went off to the gym with the 2 littlest ones in tow because Khaled wanted to sleep-in. I had to miss RPM because it started at 8:30am and the child-minding was only open at 9am. I was :( about that but I did manage to get in 1Hour BodyPump Class and then 1Hour BodyStep (but I took it easy cause of the ankle situation)

So now I am done for the day...I am off to go shopping I think as I need some new gym attire. Ohhh and I am trying HOT YOGA tomorrow for the first time. I will probably not sign up for regular schedule because the timings cut into the other classes and THOSE other classes burn FAT and Hot Yoga makes you sweat, but is not burning the FAT....and that is what one of the trainers told me and I am gonna stick to that rule...but, I will do it once and a while for a change...

Day 32:
1Hour BodyPump
Hour BodyStep

Plan for Tomorrow:
45min. RPM
1Hour HOT YOGA (First Time)
Then I am not sure what...

Looove Kasey UmmKhaled


  1. InshaAllah your ankle will heal soon. I know what yoga is but Hot Yoga??!! LOL let me know what it is! I think after the effort you're putting in you deserve some new gym attire!! You go girl...

  2. keep up the awesome work!! wow! I am impressed =) inshaAllah in the UAE you can find a way to get back into the groove. *hugs*

  3. Hot Yoga is doing yoga positions in a hot room up to 43C I think and you sweat like a melting icecream! It is great! But I get antsy in there cause I like to be moving a lot...the positions are strength building and stuff as well. I liked it! I have to find some classes there soon cause am off to UAE net Friday for a long time...

  4. Salaam habibti...are you in UAE now? I see you on FB from time to time, but don't see you updating your blog...anywho wanted to say mash'Allah! Great work on your exercising! I need to do the same...saw a pic of myself from my wedding celebration in 2006 and got seriously depressed...ugh...anyways take care insh'Allah...

  5. Ohh No I am not in UAE yet. Just I have been sooo busy with family stuff...I had the flu and have been doing so much and so much on my mind :( I am going to be back on this thing..I will update as I did my new measures and stuff cause Wednesday is my day to do that...just did not get a chance to write it...