Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Day 42 Complete and my mouth is frozen lol

I made it back to the gym tonight! In addition to the 55min. RPM and 1Hour BodyPump I did this morning...I did a second 55min. RPM and it was a really good one. BUT...I did not get to the Sauna because I forgot I had a dentist appointment to get a filling. Well that was fun I must say! Being a former Dental Assistant makes me a terrible patient because I am soooo nervous!!

Our passports are all ready for the big trip as we picked those up this morning as well. One-Step closer to getting there.

Day 42:
55min. RPM
1Hour BodyPump
55min. RPM

Plan for Tomorrow:
1Hour BodyCombat
1Hour BodyFlow
55min. RPM

Looove Kasey UmmKhaled

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