Thursday, February 3, 2011

Back to Hot Yoga and it felt so nice...

Today I was planning on going to BodyPump and then BodyJam. I wasn't really feeling like doing Pump again since I did it yesterday, and it is not recommended to do it two days in a row. I was thinking maybe I will go relax in the Sauna for my other hour, then I was thinking to go do weights...then I was like, well maybe I will do BodyFlow...decisions, decisions! But then my little light bulb up there in my head went on as I remembered that HOT YOGA with Linda is immedietly following BodyJam! So with my little lavender yoga mat (which was collecting dust for a while) in tow and my matching LuLu Yoga Towel...I set off with my mind made up...

BodyJam was sooo fun with Romain, as usual, and a second instructor up there on the stage (I do not know her name yet, but had her for Zumba before, and she is "da- bomb" awesome too!) I enjoyed Elly & Joanne's company and we had a few laughs! That is why these classes are so enjoyable, it is the people all around you just having FUN! I left the class during the cool down and ran off to make it for Hot Yoga...

There was Linda (Elly & My favorite Hot Yoga instructor), greeting us at the door with her warm, welcoming smile! She was so sweet commenting on my weightloss...Thank you Linda! You are so kind. I really didn't realize how much I missed Hot Yoga over the last almost 2 months. Time flies! It was a great class, Linda threw in some new things to keep it challenging, and I was surprised that my foot on my right side could sit above my knee in one of the positions! That was a first...left side did for a few seconds, but it was slipping. But that was a first for me! I have to incorporate it back into my schedule and I think I will do it after Jam every Thursday from now on! So happy I will have it back on my schedule because it is really nice and relaxing! It is like a warm escape on these chilly days. Helps a lot with flexibility because my lower back was so stiff tonight, hehehe so I guess that is a sign to get back too!

O.K. So Elly...I am back to Hot is a date...Me, You, Linda, ohhh and Annette too when she gets back... EVERY Thursday night @7:30pm! And even an added BONUS...Joanne you are joining us in case you didn't know that!

55min. BodyJam (381 Calories)
76min. Hot Yoga (331 Calories)

Well off to enjoy some TV before bed :)

Love Kasey UmmKhaled

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