Saturday, February 12, 2011

VOTE for my BABIES...Cutest Kid Contest!

Salam Aleikum and Hey all...

Every Mother thinks their Kid is the Cutest right? Well I thought so myself and I entered them in a Cute Kid Contest :) for Virgin Radio in Vancouver...

(Look at their CUTE LITTLE FACES...How could you not VOTE for them :) hehehe)

So I was wondering if you guys could go give them some little VOTES :) I think they deserve a 10 cause they are soooo cute! I entered Hessah and Mohammed because they had to be under 5.  So I would loooove if you guys could go on and vote and it is so easy and need to register or anything. Thanks so much in advance and you can vote for a week from all different computers :P

So here are the links...

Click here for Link to Hessah: VOTE FOR HESSAH!!

Click here for Mohammed: VOTE FOR MOHAMMED!

Thank you again...InshaAllah one of them can win :) Yayyyy!

Loooove UmmKhaled


  1. Mashallah!! Hessah is a princess! Mashallah your kids are so cute!

  2. Awww thanks Alice...did ya vote? You can everyday or more than one time i think :)

  3. Voted 10 for them. They are so cute Mashallah

  4. You can vote very hour...just keep coming back for the links...thanks guys :)