Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Happy Birthday to me....Happy Birthday to meeee....

Whatever with the Past has Gone....

What a nice saying on your true...and I hope this is a great year for my family, and loved ones! This one is especially for my Twin Sister Shannon! I love you Shannie!

Today I woke up had so many lovely Birthday messages online. My friend Lisa was the first to say Happy Birthday to me this morning...Thanks Lisa. I talked to my Mom for a while this morning which was nice. My twin sister Shannie called too. My husband was off to work early in the morning, but came home really early today, after I got the baby sleeping for his afternoon nap I had a little relaxing me time. I got some warm clothes on and my Vibram Komodo Five Fingers Shoes with the socks, and headed out the door for my "Sun Run Homework Training". I did a brisk warm up walk for 5 minutes and then ran for the full 28 remaining minutes. I could have kept running and running...I was having a really great time, but my TOES were cold as I ran by the house... so I ended it lol! But I felt so free and lungs and heart were in great condition and I never felt like slowing down!


After a little while of warming up...I bundled up the kids and we walked to get Khaled at school. SO that was a really enjoyable walk too. Later on I headed down to the "GoodLife" for ZUMBA! and BodyPump...taught by our lovely Nathalie! Had a great time with all the girls! Joanne gave me a really cute red "GoodLife" T-Shirt (I am wearing it now and loving it! So cool!!) and some lotion! Thanks Joanne! Elly had lots of hugs for me...awwww! I felt so special and had a great time! Joanne had on her new Vibram Komodos too and Elly had hers all ordered! :)

When I came home my hubby had a yummy cake which I indulged in, so good going down but then I felt like crap lol...anyways I have to get off to bed...I am tired!!


33min. "SUN RUN Homework Run" 5minWalk/28min Run  (276 Calories)
27min. Walk to school & Back with kids (96 Calories)
1Hour ZUMBA! (381 Calories)
1Hour BodyPump (289 Calories)

So I am off to


  1. Happy Birthday!!!!!! =) I wish all the best for you and your family! By the way, are you still moving back to Abu Dhabi? I'll be there from July Inshallah and desperately need a workout buddy!

  2. Happy Birthday Umm Khaled, wish you a blessed life and may Allah grant you happiness always :)

  3. :) happy birthday! And thanks for this emotional positive post :)

  4. Thank you for your replies :) Yes Mrs Handbag I ill be in UAE in June I think...pretty much end of June and we are moving there...are you moving or just going there??

  5. Ohh thanks oldie goldie! love you!!