Monday, February 7, 2011

Loving my NEW Shoes: Vibram Five Fingers KOMODO Sport!


These are the coolest and most comfortable shoes, and I must say right off the bat...these shoes are just beyond awesome looking!!

I have had them on my mind for a little while after seeing a few people around the gym with them, but the ones I was seeing were the Classic ones and were kind of like a slip-on and not full coverage like a sneaker. So it was not really my style...maybe for people out there lifting weights they would be great, but I am more into the aerobics classes and running. Then on SparkPeople, one of my Spark friends wrote something about them, and I asked her about what she though of them, and she said they keep her running, and she would never run with anything else after running in Vibram Five Fingers because they are soooo comfortable! So I wandered onto the web site and fell in love! Then I found a retailer near me...CLICK HERE for Official Site!

Yesterday my darling husband took me to check them out! I tried them on and fell in love instantly because they are soooo comfortable (even more comfortable than my other favorite sneaker "Nike Free") they just feel like nothing is on your foot but they have this really neat sole and so colorful and different than all the other sneakers out there! I walked out with a pair of the "2011 KOMODO Sport" which are geared for fitness and running. After wearing them around the house, I don't want to take them off :) I also picked up a pair of the socks that go in them. if I felt like wearing socks.

At first, it is a little teeeny challenge to get the toes in but after 2-3 times you get it really fast...then I was walking around the house and every once in a while I would get a glimpse of them and think... "what's this creature in my house" (picturing one of those colorful tree frogs lol) and then I was like "Ohh that is just my cool new shoes lol"
 Anyways, I totally would recommend them, go check out a store near you...try them on and you will also fall in love no matter how different they look! I am definetly going to get the kids some when they are available in March as well as a few other colors/styles for myself. I think my husband might even get a pair.

Off to the gym to test them out :)

Take Care,


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