Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Monday & Tuesday Workouts...

Monday: I had my new Vibram Komodo Sport Shoes, and I wore them to do some Weights but I did not wear them to BodyAttack because I have to get used to them and slowly build up to those classes while wearing them. Have to ease into strengthening my feet muscles. Anyways I love them a lot and I am so happy I have them!!!


16min. Weight Lifting Before Class (69 Calories)
1Hour BodyAttack (518 Calories)

Tuesday/Today: So now for today...well my husband was off today and the kids woke in the morning while I was getting Khaled off to school, so I thought what a great opportunity to get to the gym! I hopped off with my Vibram Komodos on :) and did ZUMBA! With the awesome new instructor (have to get her name) SUCH a great time in her classes...she is a great dancer, fun, very cute and entertaining, lots of energy and just an amazing instructor! Clarissa and Cheryl were there so it was fun! Then I did BodyPump with Ari, and as I said before her classes are really AWESOME too! Elly and Lydia joined in, and it was great to see Angela and Gloria! And how sweet of Gloria noticing I lost weight...Thanks Gloria! So over-all great morning! Felt great and the shoes worked out for BOTH the classes :) Went grocery shopping...came home...walked to get Khaled at school...then Khaled and I made a YUMMY Lasagna....got ready and headed back to the gym for Romain's WONDERFUL RPM and BodyCombat Class! Great day!!


1Hour ZUMBA! (450 Calories)
1Hour BodyPump (470 Calories)

30 min. Walk to school and Back (90 Calories)

55min. RPM (445 Calories)
1Hour BodyCombat(525 Calories)

So that is how I started my week :) ALSO, remember I lost my Body Compositions? Well the Personal Trainer FOUND IT!!! My first one!! She will give it to me and I will update ASAP!!

Love UmmKhaled

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